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Founded in 2007 and with headquarters in Virginia, this company provides the highest quality services using only the most advanced devices and gadgets that guarantee you will sleep safe at night. With an impressive feedback of over 99% recommendations from customers, Frontpoint ranks the first in our top of the most reliable choices.

A company with a history behind

The long history behind this company that was founded back in 1874 says much about the efficiency and reliability of the security measures offered. Their advanced equipment is compatible with home automation and provides you with high security levels when you are at home and when you are away as well.

Affordable home security

Over 500,000 customers are enjoying the services of this company since 1992 and the quality and standards have increased with every year that has passed. Besides providing the best quality services, Protect America has also payed attention to the prices of their services, thus guaranteeing the lowest costs without sacrificing performance.

Enjoy versatile home security

Since 1999, Vivint makes sure that the homes of Americans all over the country remain safe and protected against burglaries, accidents, and safety hazards. The wireless high-tech equipment provided enjoys a lifetime warranty so customers can be sure to receive the highest protection and reliability no matter what happens.

Protect your most important posessions

This home security company has started offering services in 1952 and they have since remained among the top choice of many Americans. From home automation compatibility to 24/7 home surveillance using a wide range of equipment, there are many reasons why this company is one of the top 5 most reliable and efficient options.

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Home Security Systems Comparison

FrontPoint Security
Protect America
Vivint SmartHome
Link Interactive


Indiana, USA
Texas, USA
Utah, USA
Utah, USA
Phone Number


Indoor and Outdoor Cameras
Indoor only
Pan and Tilt Cameras
Windows, Doors, Motion Sensors
Touchscreen Panel
Doorbell Camera
Automated Door Locks
Other Equipment
Keychain remote, panic pendant, smoke and heat sensor, water and flood sensor, thermostat
Garage door control, fire and smoke monitoring, burglary monitoring, lights
Carbon monoxide detectors, medical panic pendant, disaster sensor
Garage door control, thermostat, Amazon Echo voice command
Smoke detector, carbon monoxide detector, extreme temperature detector, thermostats


Service Packages
Protection Plan, Interactive Plan, Ultimate Plan
Basic, ADT Pulse, ADT Pulse Home Control
5 Home Security Packages, 1 Business Package, 3 Monitoring Packages
Smart Protect, Smart Protect & Control, Smart Complete
3 Monitoring Packages
Wireless Security
24/7 Monitoring
Intrusion Protection
Fire Protection


Home Automation
Z-Wave Technology
Remote Access
Smartphone App
Text and email
Text and email
Remote Viewing
Other Features
Light Control, Temperature & Energy Control
Light Control, Energy Control
GPS Security, Glass break protection
Vivint Live, Glass break protection,Vivint Sky Integration
Plugin light automation, Glass break protection, Two-way voice,


Free smoke and heat sensors
Savings on home insurance
No equipment costs
Up to $1,500 free equipment


Money Back
Theft Protection
$500 theft protection
Free Trial
Customer Support

Choosing a Home Alarm System

Given that statistics show that once every 3 seconds, a home is being broken into and a family is at risk of being the victim of a burglary, considering installing a home security system is one of the best decisions someone could make. Burglaries can occur both during the day and the night and while people are away or at home so 24/7 monitoring is essential in keeping a home secure. Counting on the best equipment and enjoying a wide range of devices that provide not only intrusion protection but also fire or flood, ensure the highest peace of mind. If you are looking for the best services, you couldn't have been in a better place than our website. After perusing many security companies, comparing their services, the customer reviews, the efficiency of their equipment, and the rate of success, we made a top of the best five companies that guarantee your home will be kept safe at any time. The reliability of these companies is backed by their reputation and long history in the field, reasons enough to trust any of them with your home.

The Aspects we Considered when Making our Choices

Without a doubt, knowing that a top security company is watching over your house gives you many reasons to stay in peace without worrying about what might happen while you are out. You should resort to security equipment for all the right reasons and you need to make sure that you will make the best choice. For that, you will have to see whether or not the company you decide on will offer everything you need for a complete surveillance.

  • Home monitoring
  • The main advantage of having security cameras at home is that you will be able to keep an eye on your home and assets at any time, regardless whether you are at home or not. The high-tech equipment used ensures that every corner of your house will be monitored and that intruders will not have the chance to get inside. The cameras that capture every angle, the glass break detectors, and the window and door motion sensors guarantee that no one will enter your house without your permission. When a potential intruder sees that a home is being monitored by a surveillance company, they are discouraged to try to break into that house so the rate of intrusion is drastically lowered.

  • Peace of mind
  • Besides the fact that surveillance systems allow you to observe any strange individual wandering around your house you will also be able to keep an eye on your children, seniors, and the appliances and systems in your home. The remote monitoring feature guarantees that you will be in touch with anything that happens at home. You can rest assured at work or during a travel knowing that you can access the recordings of your cameras from anywhere and watch over your house.

  • Extended protection
  • Nowadays, the services of security companies go beyond the limits of home surveillance and reach more aspects that involve living in a safe home. We only looked for those that offered more than just home surveillance so that your house will be kept at safe from many other dangers. You can now enjoy fire and smoke protection, flood protection, prompt intervention of security teams, assistance in case of medical problems, and carbon monoxide detection. All these to make sure your home will be a safe and healthy living environment.

  • Comfort
  • Knowing that your home is being protected by the most advanced technologies provides you with an increased feeling of comfort, which is why we made sure that our choices come with the latest technologies. Thanks to the home automation feature and the ability to access multiple appliances and devices in your home, including the lights or the heating system, you will enjoy a more comfortable living.

What's behind Our Ratings

In order to provide you with the highest standards, the top security companies use a series of devices of the latest generation, specifically chosen to cover multiple aspects related to your home. A complete set of gadgets and equipment guarantees the highest level of safety in any environmental conditions.

  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • A full coverage of your home means installing cameras both indoors and outdoors so the surveillance will be performed throughout your entire property. A reliable company will ensure protection of your assets inside the building as well as in the surroundings by using outdoor cameras that are weatherproof and warranted to work both during the day and the night.

  • Pan and tilt cameras
  • For a camera to be fully functional, it needs to provide various angles of view and for that, it needs to have a pan and tilt design. These cameras can be remotely controlled in order to capture different angles and they can be tilted in case something strange is detected. ADT and Protect America are two of the companies that use pan and tilt cameras.

  • Windows and doors motion sensors
  • It's useful to have motion sensors at every entry of your house so you will know exactly who comes in and out but what about the windows that are often entry points for intruders? Thanks to the motion sensors placed at each window and door of your house, you will always know when someone attempts to get inside your house without your permission. Each of the five companies on our website includes motion sensors in their standard security package.

  • Doorbell cameras
  • If you hate not being able to get a good look at the person ringing your doorbell, enjoying the services of a top company will get this concern off your mind. Doorbell cameras are offered by some of the most reliable companies like Frontpoint in their attempt to offer you the highest feeling of safety at home. Now, you can answer the door only if you see the person very well.

  • Automated door locks
  • If you want to grant someone access into your house while you are out or a family member has lost their key, being a client of companies like Fronpoint, ADT or Vivint offers you the option to open or close a door from a distance. Use the automated door lock function and remotely operate the doors at your house and receive notifications whenever someone wants to get inside the house.

  • Home automation
  • What once seemed impossible is now a triviality thanks to home automation that allows you to connect multiple devices in your home to a command center that allows you to have full control over your house. Instead of guessing whether or not to locked the doors or turned the heaters off, you can use your smartphone to actually check the status of the appliances and systems in your house.

  • Carbon monoxide detectors
  • A major concern related to home safety is the release of carbon monoxide that often occurs when using gas based appliances. Luckily, with the services of companies like Protect America and Link Interactive, you can rest assured knowing that a carbon monoxide detector will be installed in your house.

  • Indoor hazard sensors
  • The finest companies in the security field cover a wide range of home hazards, not only the ones that could come from the outside. Since fire is one of the biggest dangers of a house, it's comforting to know that the company that ensures your surveillance also provides smoke and heat detection that can prevent fires. Water and flood detectors are also part of the equipment used by companies like Frontpoint or Protect America.