ADT Home Security Review

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ADT Home Security Review

When it comes to home security, no effort or expense should be spared in the pursuit for the most reliable and trustworthy security company that provides the highest levels of safety. It’s very important to rely on the help of experienced professionals who know what home security involves and which are the main aspects to consider when designing a security system.
ADT is a company that aims and manages to offer their clients a complete set of security features that will guarantee their home will be the safest living environment. With over 140 years of experience in the business and 6.5 million satisfied customers, ADT is truly a company that knows the needs of the market and meets them with the highest quality services. Their efficiency relies on the quality of the equipment used and their care for providing the most complex and convenient security services.

The Advantages of Using ADT

Among all the companies available on the market, it is sometimes hard to know which exactly is the most convenient but a closer look at the services provided can help you convince yourself which one is the best option. The list of services ADT has to offer is proof of the care they put into offering what every customer needs. They do their best to include a wide range of advantages, not only home surveillance and protection against thieves.

  • Video Surveillance

    As expected, ADT will offer video surveillance of the highest quality and that will help you lead a higher life standard. You can rest assured knowing that your home is being watched over by the best equipment that allows you to record, view live footage, or view multiple rooms at a time.

  • Day and Night Protection

    You won’t have to worry that when the night comes your home will no longer be protected because the cameras feature a light sensor that enables them to capture the same crisp images in complete darkness.

  • Remotely Arm & Disarm

    What ADT mainly offers is comfort and ease of use and you will fully enjoy the ability to remotely arm and disarm your security system from anywhere using only your phone or tablet. Any smart device can provide you access to the status of your security system so you won’t have to worry about anything.

  • Intruders Monitoring

    With so many burglaries going on in any neighborhood, your main purpose remains to keep intruders away from your home. With ADT, you will the highest level of protection offered by motion sensors that will alert the trained professionals of the company, thus reducing your stress reasons.

  • Locks Control

    A feature worth mentioning is that ADT lets you control the door locks in your home so you can remotely grant access to someone into the house, lock the doors after someone leaves the house, or even deny a person the access. All this without having to be at home and using only your smartphone or tablet.

  • Garage Door Control

    The garage can often become a way for intruders to get inside the house, especially if you don’t have a security system installed on the door or if you forget to close it. With ADT, you can also control the garage door using your smartphone app and you will even get notifications when the door is left open for too long.

  • Video Doorbell

    No more guessing who is at the door and no more letting strangers inside your house without taking a good look at them. ADT’s video doorbell and the ADT Pulse upgrade your security system by alerting you whenever someone is at your door and allowing you to speak to them before opening the door.

  • Fire & Smoke Protection

    Not only burglaries can threaten your home but also accidents such as fire but luckily for you, ADT ensures 24/7 protection against fire risks, as well as service during fire or power failure. They can also call the fire department in case you are unable to.

  • Carbon Monoxide Level Monitoring

    Although carbon monoxide doesn’t have any color or odor, the equipment used by ADT can sense it and will automatically alert you and their personnel in case the levels are dangerously high.

  • Flood Protection

    ADT also provides protection against flood by detecting rising water in your house. A soon as a flood risk is spotted, the company’s Monitoring Centers will come to your assistance to minimize the water damage.

  • Temperature Control

    If you want to come home to a warm house after a cold day or you wish to turn on the AC in another room, you will be happy to discover that ADT offers temperature control that can be accessed via your smartphone. Thanks to the ADT Pulse app, you can control the Nest thermostat so you will manage to regulate the temperature at home.

  • Lights Control

    Another useful feature of ADT is the control over the lights in your house. You can either turn them on or off from a distance or set a schedule to make it look like you are at home even if you are not. This will reduce the risks of burglars sneaking inside your home.

  • Custom Settings

    If making the same setting every day seems cumbersome, you can enjoy the custom settings offered by ADT that allow you to personalize your security and convenience settings. You can create a schedule for the appliances to turn off before bedtime or for the doors lo lock or unlock when the maid comes.

  • Voice Control

    The ultimate advancement comes with the voice control feature provided by the ADT Pulse biometric voice recognition that detects your voice and responds to your commands only. You can control multiple items in your house by using your voice only.

  • Internet Connection

    To make the operating more user-friendly, ADT provides access to the equipment via a dedicated app that makes things easier for users. The app can be accessed through any smart device and includes a variety of settings designed to make the system more comprehensive.

ADT Security Plans

The purpose of the different security plans is to meet the requirements of a wide range of customers who might have different preferences, budgets, or security needs. ADT has designed three plans that include a certain number of features and equipment that fits a certain budget. This way, anyone can enjoy the security they are looking for without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality.

    • Basic

This security plan is the least complex and expensive, specially designed for those who want to limit their investment and only enjoy the standard security offered by ADT. Aside from the basic home security system, the plan also includes 24/7 monitoring from ADT fast responders
which is around the clock customer service that will help you find the solution and the answer to any haziness you might encounter with your security system, a QSP warranty that will spare you of any costs involved by unforeseen service calls on the security system and a 6 months money back warranty. As optional services, you can choose Cellular Connection, Fire&Smoke Monitoring, Carbon Monoxide Monitoring, and Water Detection&Temperature Monitoring.

    • ADT Pulse

The second security plan is a little more complex and, aside from what the first plan includes both as standard and optional, you will also receive remote web and mobile access that allows you to monitor your home security via the web portal or using the ADT Pulse voice command. The plan also comes with email and text alerts that notify you in case something goes wrong at home, be it a fire or a temperature control issue.

    • ADT Home Control

The third plan is the most advanced and includes a complete package with all the features available at ADT. This plan combines the Remote one with 4 more advanced features namely remote control over your door locks, lighting and temperature control, a garage door controller, and remote secure video that allows you to play real-time or recorded footage of what happens at home.

The Security Equipment Used

  • Wireless Indoor Security Cameras

    To provide you with the safety you want for your home and your family, ADT uses pan and tilt cameras that capture a wide angle of view. Although this company uses only indoor cameras, you can rest assured as the other equipment used will manage to provide a complete theft protection. As for the cameras, they will allow you to record and save the footage for later viewing and can be connected to your smartphone for remote viewing.

  • Home Automation Controller

    Technology has evolved so much during the past years that it is now capable of providing the highest levels of comfort and functionality. Home automation or the smart home concept is a type of technology that enables you to control a wide range of items in your house, from lights to appliances to door locks, using a controller that can connect to any of these items. ADT, in collaboration with Nest, provides home automation via a controller that includes several devices in your home. You can use it to regulate the temperature, to adjust the lights, to open and close doors, and to handle the appliances.

  • Intrusion Sensors

    The efficiency of the security system is guaranteed by a variety of sensors that detect any sort of movement that occurs in your home. Door and window sensors detect anyone who might try to get into your home without permission and the video doorbell sensors alert you whenever someone crosses your perimeter. This way, any potential trespassing is prevented and you will enjoy the highest security standards.

  • Smart locks

    While regular locks can be easily broken, the smart door locks provide increased safety and ensure that no one will get inside your house unless they have an access code. The smart door locks used by ADT are ten times more secure than regular locks and the chances of tricking them into allowing someone inside the house are minimum.

  • Hazard Detectors

    Aside from keeping you away from intruders with the security cameras and sensors, ADT also protects you against accidents and hazards with the help of some detectors that monitor the levels of gas, smoke, or water in your home. These detectors can save your life and will definitely maximize the safety of your home.

  • Panic Pendants

    People who live alone, seniors, or people with disabilities need extra attention when it comes to home security, which is why ADT has designed the IndiPendant alarms. Their purpose is to provide around the clock assistance to seniors or people who can hardly fend for themselves. The alarms are connected to the 24/7 Security Response of the company which guarantees that a team of professionals will immediately arrive at the address to provide the necessary help. IndiPendant includes one big unit that is installed in the house and a smaller unit in the shape of a wrist watch so that help can be called even if the person in need is unable to reach the large unit.

ADT Coverage Area

Knowing for a fact what are the areas where a certain security company has coverage is essential as it shows whether you will be able to continue working with it even if you move from one state to another.

Fortunately, this isn’t an issue that you have to worry about if you go with ADT as it offers a complete coverage in the U.S.A., more precisely the services of this company being available in all 50 states. This is one of the reasons why ADT is such a beloved company, being preferred by most Americans.

ADT has four monitoring centers that are strategically placed in Irving, Jacksonville, Knoxville, and Rochester. Of course, there are certain services that might not be available in all areas around the country. What you must do in order to figure out whether a certain service is unavailable for you at the moment is to call the support team and ask for these details.

All in all, the excellent coverage that this security company boasts makes it one of the best options to go with, being an ideal solution for those who are in the military line of work and who move often throughout their lives, and for all people who have to move, no matter if it’s because of their jobs or any other reason.

Customer Service

The reputation of ADT somehow forces them to provide a customer service that will stand up to the expectations of their clients and potential clients. Their website offers all the necessary information in case you want to contact them or you have any suggestion or complain related to their products. Moreover, once you purchase a security plan, you will have access to an account, a help center, several user manuals that will help you get the hang of your security equipment, and mobile apps that will make the system more intuitive.

The Costs of ADT

In order to enjoy the services of ADT, you will need to pay an installation fee as no free installation is available. All three service plans come at different prices, $36.99 being the lowest price for the smallest package. The costs are average if you compare them to the main competitors and the advantages of enjoying this security system outcome the financial aspect.

The Pros and Cons of ADT

As you can expect, ADT is not the embodiment of perfection and it does have its flaws that interfere with its performance one way or another. However, you can be certain that the pros outnumber the cons and that the reliability of the manufacturer, their attempt to satisfy their customers, and the quality services they provide will put together a security system that will meet all your needs.



Intuitive operation Only indoor cameras
Wireless home security Installation fee
Reliable monitoring
Remote access
Home automation capability
Fire, smoke, and flood detectors
Panic pendant
Money back warranty

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