Frontpoint Security Review

ADT Home Security Review
November 14, 2016

Frontpoint Security Review

All home security systems follow the same protocol when something happens, following preset steps to figure out whether they are being confronted with a false alarm or a problem, situation in which these systems alert the authorities to keep you and your home safe. Of course, how these systems work solely relies on their preset steps, the equipment that they come with, and on the sensors that they feature.

A home security system that has caught everyone’s attention in the past decade is the Frontpoint system. Besides possessing all the main characteristics that are typical for home security systems, Frontpoint is versatile, innovative, and well-rounded, delivering superior quality to those who appeal to it. It’s available to owners, renters, and businesses. Of course, the complexity of the system and the features that it offers mainly depend on the plan, package, and additional equipment chosen by the user.


As you will see in the following, the security package offered by Frontpoint is as complete as it could be. It ensures the total protection of the client’s home and belongings, and an enhanced safety of the people who live in the house as well.

Touch-Screen Control Panel

  • The Touch-Screen Control panel that Frontpoint offers to those who appeal to this home security system allows for an unprecedented control and customization. The simple and stylish design make it a perfect fit for all types of residences. Due to the fact that it features a 7-inch color touchscreen, it’s very intuitive and easy to use. With a simple touch, the user can arm and disarm the entire system, do automatic updates, and change the settings as the user desires.

Home Automation

  • The home automation feature of this security system saves the users a lot of time and money, automating the door locks, thermostats, and lights. This way, in case the user forgets to leave a key at home for a guest that comes by later that day, the home automation feature allows the client to share a new code with the guest to allow entry as soon as the person arrives.
  • The fact that the lights and the thermostat are automated allows the user to switch them on and off or change their settings remotely. Therefore, there won’t be any money wasted on lights that are forgotten turned on, and the house will be perfectly warm when the user arrives due to the fact that the thermostat can be set to start operating remotely at the perfect time.

Intrusion Sensors

  • The first line of defense when installing this system is represented by the sensors that are placed at all the entry points to the house. It’s mandatory for these sensors to be placed on windows and doors, but for those who have children and want to keep them out of harm’s way, the sensors can even be mounted on drawers and cabinets. When these sensors are triggered, the Touch-Screen Control Panel is alerted to ensure that the proper security measures will unfold and that the situation will be kept under control.

Garage Door Sensors

  • As opposed to most companies out there, Frontpoint knows how important it is to ensure the total protection of your home to make break-ins impossible. What makes them truly stand out is the fact that their packages include garage door sensors. This way, the garage, which is one of the entries to the house, and where most people store valuable machines and items is secured as well. The sensors that are specially designed for the garage door withstand drastic thermal changes to ensure that they will resist for years of use.


  • The security cameras offered by Frontpoint really separate this home security system from its competitors due to the fact that there are separate units for indoor and outdoor monitoring. The outdoor cameras are specially designed to resist the weather changes and harsh temperatures, while the indoor models have a classic design due to their location.
  • These cameras work together to constantly monitor both the interior and exterior perimeter of the property, ensuring that no intruder who trespasses will get away uncaught. They stream live video footage on the laptop, tablet, or smartphone of the customers to offer a piece of mind when they’re away, allowing them to see precisely what is happening at home. This comes especially in handy to those who have babysitters and want to keep a close eye on them.
  • The clips that are recorded by the cameras can be saved and viewed later. Also, in case the system detects motion when the user isn’t paying attention to the live video streamed by the cameras, a clip of what has happened will be automatically recorded and sent to the user through an e-mail or text message.

Smoke Detector

  • Fires can burst even when people aren’t at home, generally, this unfortunate event occurring due to faulty appliances. Also, this can happen even when someone is in the house, the fire bursting due to a kitchen appliance left unattended while cooking.
  • Fortunately, Frontpoint is aware of the fact that at any point something can go wrong and a fire can start. This is the reason why they offer smoke detectors which are permanently connected to the local fire department, ensuring that as soon as the fire starts, the firemen will be on their way to extinguish it, keeping the house and the people inside it safe.

Water and flood sensor

  • This system even features useful water and flood sensors. This means that in case the user forgets the tap open and water overflows in the house, the system will react and notify the person about the occurrence, and the local authorities as well. Also, the sensor detects floods, ensuring that no hazard that might damage the user’s belongings will take place by taking appropriate measures and announcing authorities on what is happening.

Panic Pendant

  • In case those who appeal to this home security system have a physically disabled or elderly person in their household, the safety of that person will be ensured by the panic pendant.
  • When the person in cause isn’t feeling good or has had a household incident, the pendant is used to alert medical staff of this situation and come as soon as possible to prevent anything bad from happening.

Mobile App

  • These days, almost everyone has a smartphone in their pockets. Frontpoint has taken advantage of this fact and created a mobile app that communicates directly with the security system. This way, the users can stay aware of what’s happening in their homes even when they’re away via their smartphones. When the security is breached, the system sends an alarm over the smartphone for the user to immediately check the live video and see if everything and everyone’s alright.
  • Besides giving users the possibility to monitor their homes remotely, the app allows them to control the entire system as well. With the help of the app that is installed on the smartphone or tablet, the users can arm and disarm the system, and they can even see who has armed or disarmed the system when they’re not at home.


Frontpoint offers customers three security plans that they can choose from that span over a 3-year agreement – the Protection plan, the Interactive plan, and the Ultimate plan. These plans come at different affordable monthly rates. When activating the packages that the plans come with, users might have to pay a one-time $99 activation fee, depending on the packages and plans that they have chosen. Each of these plans can be customized to the necessity of the customer, which makes this system very versatile.

  • Protection Plan

The Protection plan includes 100% wireless and cellular security, intrusion protection, environmental protection, fire protection, life safety, and 24/7 professional service. This plan costs $34.99 per month.

  • Interactive Plan

The Interactive plan includes 100% wireless and cellular security, intrusion protection, environmental protection, fire protection, life safety, crash and smash protection, email and text alerts, remote access and control, light control, geo services, and 24/7 professional service. This plan costs $42.99 per month.

  • Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate plan includes 100% wireless and cellular security, intrusion protection, environmental protection, fire protection, life safety, crash and smash protection, email and text alerts, remote access and control, light control, geo services, live video streaming, motion-activated alerts, HD and night vision capabilities, automated door locks, energy management control, and 24/7 professional service. This plan costs $49.99 per month.


  • Even if most people these days are tech savvy, this doesn’t mean that they are all experts in installing or mounting high-tech security systems. This system allows even those who are less intuitive about technology to be able to install and set up the system on their own, which is an advantage rarely seen these days. The best part is that the company offers support throughout the process in case difficulties appear to ensure that the setup will be hassle-free.
  • The setup process consists of only a few steps that the client must go through. The first step consists of calling the company or visiting the site and choosing a plan to go with. The second step represents getting the equipment delivered to the user by the company. The last step of the installation and setup process consist of peeling and sticking the sensors where the user wants to position them, a process that takes a maximum of 60 minutes. If the client experiences difficulties in the process, the company will provide guidance over the phone.


  • What customers love about Frontpoint besides the fact that the home security plans and packages offered are of an astonishing quality and they come at fair prices is the fact that the company doesn’t neglect its clients. Customer support is available daily through many forms, ensuring that no one will experience difficulties without being helped and guided by a professional. This valuable support is offered by Frontpoint through chat support, tech support, online videos, and how-to guides. Best of all, customer support is available every day of the week, from Monday to Friday being available between 8 A.M. and 10 P.M., and on Saturday and Sunday being available from 10 A.M. to 7 P.M.


It’s clear that Frontpoint didn’t make it to the top of the home security companies without offering new features to customers. What truly sets them apart from their competitors and what makes people drawn to appeal to Frontpoint more than other home security systems is the fact that they offer unique features such as outdoor wireless cameras, availability for renters, and a useful 30-day money back guarantee.

Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

  • Most companies of this kind don’t offer customers outdoor cameras, which means that the protection and monitoring of the property aren’t complete if people go with them. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Frontpoint. This company offers both indoor and outdoor cameras that capture footage of a great quality. Also, the outdoor cameras have night vision capabilities to ensure that all details will be caught on camera even when the night comes.

Availability for Renters

  • Those who rent their homes are generally confronted with the opposition of landlords when it comes to installing security systems. This is all due to the fact that most systems require drilling holes when the installation process takes place, landlords being against this. With Frontpoint, this isn’t an issue because there are no holes to be drilled when installing and setting up the system. This is the reason why almost all landlords agree with the use of this alarm system. Therefore, it is the perfect option for tose who rent and want to feel secure where they live.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

  • A money back guarantee is mandatory when making a long time commitment like installing a home security system. Frontpoint is more than aware of the fact that no one likes to commit to anything without testing it first, this being the reason why they offer a 30-day money back guarantee on their equipment and services. This trial period in one of a kind on the market right now, being one of the features that make Frontpoint unique and popular among customers.


Frontpoint is the leading security system for all the right reasons, being extremely popular on its market because of the fair and affordable pricing, quality equipment, versatility, helpfulness toward customers, and experience. Now that we have covered everything about this security system in detail, it’s time to summarize the good and the bad to make it easier for those who are planning on appealing to Frontpoint to decide if it’s the right choice for them or not.



Affordable home automation prices $99 activation fee
Continuous live monitoring Touch-Screen Control Panel isn’t included in the standard pack
7-day customer support availability
Easy setup that can be done free by the user
Wireless and cellular security
Fire and smoke detection
Flood monitoring
Outdoor security cameras
Availability for those who rent
30-day money back guarantee


Now that you know what Frontpoint has to offer, you have probably already made up your mind whether this is the home security company you want to go with or not. Before you decide on a certain security plan and you make additional purchases of your choice, read the following lines because in them you will find some great, useful tips that will help you make the right choices.

  • Establish What You Need

  • What you must understand before applying for a certain security plan is that all homes differ, each of them having particular needs when it comes to safety and security. Keeping this in mind, you must make it your goal to first put on a list exactly what areas of your home need the most attention and what you consider to be the best security equipment to go with. This way, you will be prepared when applying for the security plan, and you will know exactly what other devices might come in handy.

  • Always Start with Securing the Entrance

  • Statistically speaking, up to 90 percent of break-ins happen through the front door, so it’s obvious that this is the area where your attention should focus the most. Knowing this, we advise you to install a door sensor from Frontpoint here, thus ensuring that intruders won’t make an unwanted appearance without you, the security company, and the authorities being alerted of this occurrence.

  • Make Sure that All Entry Points Are Covered

  • Not only the front door should be a reason of worry for you, but basically all of the doors and windows inside your home. To ensure increased safety, you have to place door and window sensors, motion sensors, and glass break sensors in the proximity of all the windows in your house. When it comes to further securing the doors, make sure that you place sensors on all ground-level doors.

  • Don’t Resume Only to Monitoring Intruders

  • A common mistake that people make is that they focus too much on ensuring that break-ins don’t occur, forgetting about other types of disasters that might endanger them, their loved ones, and their houses as well. What you must keep in mind is to invest in smoke and heat sensors as well, this way ensuring that you won’t get caught off guard when a fire breaks loose. Also, you should invest in water, flood, and freeze sensors to make sure that no matter what happens, you will be 100% protected.

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